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Appfire is the leading global provider of software that enhances, extends and connects the world’s leading platforms like Atlassian,, Microsoft, and Salesforce. Appfire’s wide range of apps and solutions help teams with IT service management, workflow automation, agile work management, knowledge management and more. Appfire supports over 20,000 customers, including 55% of the Fortune 500, and has a strong presence in the Atlassian ecosystem. Appfire is 100% partner-focused and committed to enabling its 700+ partners to drive customer value quickly. 

Project objectives

To prioritize the needs, experiences, and growth of their partners in every aspect of their operations, and to drive partner revenue while improving engagement and collaboration, Appfire planned significant enhancements to its existing Salesforce Partner Relationship Management (PRM) solution. They required a flexible solution capable of supporting multiple ecosystems and scaling with the business. Recognizing the extensive knowledge of Advanced Communities in Salesforce PRM, Experience Cloud, and expertise in UI/UX, Appfire chose us as the development partner to improve the design, user interface (UI), and user experience (UX) for their partner community on Experience Cloud.


Together with Appfire, we focused on content personalization, updated branding, enhanced the partner portal’s design, and created different entry points to allow partners to find what they need within the Appfire system.

The main tasks included:

● Development of a new custom design for their PRM portal to improve the overall experience from a UI/UX standpoint

● Content personalization based on whether partners were using Atlassian,, Microsoft or Salesforce

● Pipeline enhancements. The opportunity management flow improvements like mass accept or mass reject the leads and opportunities.

● Implementation of additional enhanced features and functionality.

In terms of delivering branding and front-end services, Advanced Communities created and implemented a custom design, moving away from a standard Salesforce look to create a more unique and tailored feel. Styling was optimized to align with the Appfire Brand Portal and overall marketing and branding requirements. 

For ecosystem content personalization, we created different entry points to allow Appfire partners to find what they need in the specific ecosystem they use, whether Atlassian,, Microsoft or Salesforce. With the help of a custom component, users can easily switch between ecosystems as needed after accessing a specific one.

Salesforce PRM
Regarding custom code solutions, Advanced Communities developed and implemented custom components to display important partner information at a glance, such as the partner’s name, partner level, year-to-date (YTD) revenue, and total open leads and opportunities – all on one page. Partners can also upload a .csv file with the total number of open opportunities if needed. A flexible, easily customizable carousel component enhanced the page’s aesthetic and delivered a personalized experience to the partners.
salesforce partner portal

It’s been a year since Appfire’s Partner Portal launch and the results are whopping: salesforce PRM

Benefits and results

Unified access and growth

With the design enhancements, Appfire achieved their main objective: building trust and delivering value to their partners by making it much easier for them to find what they need, when they need it, all in one place. The intuitive, user-friendly portal now allows partners to learn and grow by providing access to a suite of resources and self-service tools necessary for education and selling, making these processes easier and faster.

salesforce PRM portal

Targeted resource allocation

Partners don’t have time. By creating distinct entry points based on the specific ecosystems partners belong to, Appfire provided them with the ability to easily find relevant information and resources tailored specifically to their needs, saving their valuable time.

Enhanced pipeline control

The enhancements to the pipeline management flow, including the ability to mass accept or reject leads and opportunities, have significantly streamlined the opportunity management process, helping to boost the overall productivity of Appfire partners.

Further enhancements

Looking for the solution for establishing co-branding with their partners and centralizing and managing their brand assets, Appfire also opted for the AC co-marketing app for Salesforce PRM – AC Partner Co-Branding. The solution lets Appfire partners automate the co-branded marketing and sales content creation within the partner portal in real time following their brand guidelines by using prebuilt branded templates and customizing them according to their needs. 

The AC Partner Marketplace application, another PRM solution utilized by Appfire, offers features to create a Partner Directory and Marketplace within a secure and customizable environment on Experience Cloud. Its main purpose is to facilitate lead generation and bolster sales for partners.

And here’s what Appfire said about our performance:

Working with Advanced Communities has been a game-changer for Appfire. Their team’s expertise and dedication transformed our project into a resounding success. 

The results speak for themselves. Thanks to Advanced Communities efforts, we achieved our goals and more. Their attention to detail and unwavering focus on customer satisfaction set them apart. It’s rare to find a partner who not only meets but exceeds expectations at every turn.

I highly recommend Advanced Communities to anyone seeking top-notch service and outstanding results. They are true professionals who are passionate about what they do, and it shows in everything they touch.

Ashlee Peterson, Senior Channel Program Manager at Appfire

Watch our webinar with Appfire here.

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