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Volunteer Management on Salesforce: Empowering and engaging your volunteers on the world’s #1 CRM

One of the top questions we get from Nonprofit organizations who rely on volunteers is “How do we attract and retain more volunteers?”. The conversation almost always leads to scheduling more volunteer events and more efficient volunteer administration. Unfortunately, more shifts and easier scheduling aren’t the whole picture.

Consider this for a moment. If you simply need a pair of sneakers that could get you from point A to point B, you could purchase an inexpensive pair from a big-box store, but when you buy a pair of brand-name sneakers, you’re engaging with the way that brand made you feel. Perhaps it’s the TikTok influencer you follow for their style recommendations, or the SuperBowl ad reminding you of how much you think you enjoy running, but at the end of the day, you engage because you were engaged with. 

As a volunteer organization, you rely on volunteers to keep your operations going, so you must engage with your membership in a way that feels personal, meaningful, and genuine. That’s where Salesforce and AC MemberSmart come in. 

Join Kevin Zeigler and Rebekah Hunter for an enlightening webinar where we explore volunteer experience using Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud and AC MemberSmart. Designed specifically for nonprofit organizations focused on volunteer management, this webinar showcases how Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud serves as the cornerstone for efficiently managing your constituents, while AC MemberSmart, a native-to-Salesforce app, elevates your volunteer engagement. 

Discover how Salesforce + AC MemberSmart empowers your organization to effortlessly oversee volunteers, members, events, donations, and more, all within the Salesforce ecosystem. Whether you’re coordinating volunteer schedules, organizing fundraising events, or cultivating donor relationships, this duo streamlines every aspect of your nonprofit operations. 

During this webinar, we’ll explore the comprehensive features of AC MemberSmart and its seamless integration with Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud. Learn how to optimize your volunteer experiece, boost member engagement, and maximize your impact on your community. We will also discuss AC Fundraising, an optional add-on that amplifies your fundraising efforts with advanced tools and insights. 

Don’t miss this opportunity to revolutionize your volunteer engagement strategy and leverage the power of Salesforce with AC MemberSmart. Join us and take the next step toward a more efficient, effective, and impactful nonprofit organization. Register now to secure your spot!


Volunteer Management on Salesforce: Empowering and engaging your volunteers on the world’s #1 CRM
June 27 2024
11:00 am - ET | 4:00 pm - BST


Rebekah Hunter
Rebekah Hunter
VP Alliances, Advanced Communities
Kevin Zeigler
Kevin Zeigler
Specialist Solution Engineer, Salesforce.org