How to Improve Your Community’s Success and Better Engage With Your Customers

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In this article I wanted to share my thoughts on the most important factors that every community manager should consider when creating a successful community.

  1. Starting Points
  2. Key Audience
  3. Strategy and Tools

The very first thing is to think about future community users. Depending on their potential needs, there are different priorities:

Customers–        Ability to self-serve (core for customer community)–        Fast solutions

–        Multi-device capabilities

Partners–        Quick access to info (marketing, product, news)–        Immediate access to experts

–        Access to opportunities

Employees–        Get help when needed (HR and IT mostly)–        Collaborate with their teams

–        Find experts and knowledge

How to Build A Community


Imagine a typical customer self-service journey and build your community with the functionality that will satisfy those steps.

Sample customer self-service journey step by step:

  • Customers need help
  • They discover the community
  • They look for answers, then ask a question
  • They can log a case
  • The case is resolved
  • They thank members of the community

What does that mean for you as a community owner?

  • Case deflection
  • Faster resolution
  • Lower case volume

Building a Community requires a plan and a strategy:

  1. Create a vision that ties back into business objectives
  2. Identify an executive sponsor who will champion your vision
  3. Determine goals and objectives for prospective members

And finally, launch and deploy your community with confidence:

  • Roll out in phases
  • Identify and motivate early adopters
  • Define change management processes
  • Build meaningful engagement by including business processes

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