New AC B2B Commerce Recurring Order App!

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Dear friends,

Our team has fantastic news for you! We’re happy to start this year with a new product announcement – meet the AC B2B Commerce Recurring Order app!

B2B customer’s business buyers shouldn’t have to go through the burden of manually creating an order every time they restock anymore, especially if it’s the same or similar order each time. Our solution can help them automate Order Subscriptions and make adjustments or alterations later if needed.  Our app also frees up time for B2B customers and ensures that their store or outlet is consistently stocked with the correct products. 

Let’s have a look at the key features!

Create Recurring Order right from the Cart

You may make an order and then select it to be repeated on a recurrent basis directly in the web-cart. So the next order will be created and processed automatically, using the same product quantity, price, shipping address and payment method as in the Recurring Order that was created initially. You can also indicate specific items from the cart that you want to receive constantly. 

Recurring Order in the web-cart

Select Recurring Order Frequency

Buyers can specify the frequency at which orders will be created. It can be done on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. They can also indicate the number of days, weeks, or months between orders if they require a longer interval. For example, every three weeks, every second day, once a month on the third Friday, etc.

Select Recurring Order Frequency

Edit, Cancel or Pause Recurring Order

Buyers can edit the orders, add or delete positions. They can cancel a recurring order so no new orders will be generated. It’s also possible to pause a recurring order so no new orders will be generated until it’s unpaused.

Edit, Cancel or Pause Recurring Order

The AC B2B Commerce Recurring Order is an extension to Salesforce B2B Commerce functionality that allows B2B Customers to develop more consistent and predictable buying patterns for their business buyers.

Our app is already available on AppExchange, so you can try it right now!

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