Salesforce Experience Cloud Is A Major Mover In The Sphere Of Online Communities. Part 2.

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Salesforce Experience Cloud

Organisations currently using communities or thinking about using them in the near future need to consider a number of factors:

  1. From initial launch, the uptake of Experience Cloud has been quite impressive. 36% of new Salesforce customers that purchased other Salesforce products like Sales Cloud or Marketing Cloud also purchased or will purchase Experience Cloud. In view of these impressive statistics and its significant presence in the cloud market, Salesforce is all set to turn Community Cloud into the new market leader in the very near future.
  2. Salesforce has an impressive track record. If an organisation is interested in avoiding instability and concerned about working with small players, it should certainly look closely at Salesforce, as it has one of the best track records in the SaaS industry.
  3. There are numerous examples of Experience Cloud being used successfully by a variety of businesses. Salesforce has many well-known vendors among its partners – Demandware, Bigcommerce and CloudCraze, just to name a few. These companies have made it possible to enable shopping and e-commerce within Community Cloud. As a result, Experience Cloud is now a proven tool for such business uses as customer care, product development and sales operations.
  4. The online community adoption process is streamlined. Salesforce focuses on reducing the time its customers spend on designing their community. One of its stated goals is to reduce the time between the community launch and the creation of business value. This goal is achieved with the help of accelerator tools and easy-to-configure community templates. A good example of such an easy-to-deploy and configure template is the Napili support community template. Napili was created to provide effective customer support according to current best practice and to do it as quickly as possible.
  5. As a large company with extensive experience, Salesforce offers businesses a lot of benefits. One of them is the number of partners that work with Salesforce to build solutions on Community Cloud. Salesforce expects these partners to increase significantly the number of business uses and functions available on Experience Cloud.

One more advantage of Salesforce is its position as a market leader in internal and external social capabilities. Other suppliers of social software like IBM and Microsoft have positioned themselves only as enterprise-class internal social software suppliers.

Experience Cloud from Salesforce is a unique product – it creates an opportunity to unify social business within different organisations into one consistent platform.

For now,Experience Cloud is evolving as a powerful new platform for doing business with customers. It is in the list of top products for many organisations and enterprises. What’s more, as a product of a leading SaaS company, Experience Cloud has every chance of deposing other aging community platforms.

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