Most Exciting Features of Winter ’22 Salesforce Experience Cloud Release

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Salesforce Winter 22 release is on its way and brings us brand new functionalities.

For us, one of the most distinct features is the emergence of the Lightning Web Runtime (LWR) platform which was created to speed up the Experience Cloud sites and which will finally replace the Aura platform.

Most of the new features are available on LWR sites only. However, we do NOT advise switching to LWR just yet as most of the standard components and powerful components that we know of such as record list or view are not yet available and the number of LWR components is low. We hope that these gaps will be closed sooner rather than later! 

Below we’ve prepared a quick overview of the six most interesting features of this release. Let’s dive in!

Enhanced Domain for Salesforce CDN

Content Delivery Network (CDN) is a powerful tool that allows companies that have sites with big traffic to support strong connection without interruptions. To automatically use CDN you just need to activate Enhanced Domain.

  • Go to Setup -> My Domain -> click Edit next to the  My Domain Details section;
  • Select the Standard Suffix (* and enable the “Use enhanced domains” checkbox -> click Save;
  • Wait until your new domain is provisioned and deploy it.
Enhanced Domain for Salesforce CDN

Archive inactive Experience Cloud sites

Now you can archive your Experience Cloud site if it’s no longer relevant. When users or admins try to access the site they will see the page that says the Site is unavailable.

However, you can unarchive your site whenever you want. The maximum number of sites you can archive is 100 in addition to the general limit of the sites you can create (which is 100).

New Components in Experience Builder

View the new great components in LWR Sites! Now you have more opportunities to make your site look exactly like you’ve imagined. Use customisable Buttons, Tiles, Text Blocks, and Banners to creatively deliver information to your customers, and add quality content from Salesforce CMS to your site using the Image and Video components.

New Components in Experience Builder

Protect your Personal Information

This new feature replaces the “Hide personal information” tool which is more restricted and which will be deleted in future releases. Using the new feature you can select up to 20 fields that will be considered as your personal information. To activate this setting go to Setup -> User Management Settings -> enable the “Enhanced Personal Information Management” tumbler.

Protect your Personal Information

You can consider any field as personal information by adding or removing the PersonalInfo item in the Compliance Categorisation section

Compliance Categorisation section

New properties for buttons and input fields in Experience Builder

There are two new items in the Experience Builder Theme menu: Buttons and Forms.

You can now customise a shape, text, size, and other Buttons’ parameters using this new property.

It is also possible to specify the edge shape of form elements such as input fields and checkboxes, and the thickness of the border around these elements.

Experience Builder Theme menu: Buttons and Forms.

The Colour palette has also been extended with the Advanced tab where you can change buttons, forms, texts, and links color.

Colour palette

Set the Default Language in LWR Sites

Now you are able to set the default language on your LWR Site. You can select any language supported by Experience Cloud.

To do this go to the Settings tab in Experience Builder -> Languages -> select the language.

Set the Default Language in LWR Sites

Watch the video below to see how everything works:

We hope this post was useful for you and helps you to prepare for the oncoming updates.

Keep following us to learn more about Salesforce and Experience Cloud.

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