Top 3 Features of Salesforce’s Winter ’23 Release for Experience Cloud

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Salesforce’s Winter ’23 Release will be arriving on your org soon! Advanced Communities is here, as always, to share an overview of the most exciting and fresh features of this release for Experience Cloud. So, let’s go!

1. Get All the Advantages of Merging LWR Sites and CMS Workspaces

With the Winter ’23 Release, Salesforce presents a newly redesigned platform that consists of LWR Sites and CMS Workspaces hosted together. The great news is that Salesforce CMS is now absolutely FREE! Read more about it here. What does that mean? It means you can now enjoy the following features of this enhanced platform:

  • Partial deployment to define which site components are ready to go live.
  • Site content search to search content in the Rich Content Editor and HTML Editor components, along with content published with an enhanced CMS workspace.
  • Easily create, edit, and publish content variations, translations, and collections.
  • Add videos to the Rich Text fields to provide your users with more interactive content.

Note: Existing CMS workspaces and LWR sites are unaffected by this change and can’t use the platform’s features.

You can see the Enhanced badge near the Sites’ names in CMS under the Setup > Digital Experiences tab, and also on the Built Your Own (LWR) and Microsite (LWR) templates when selecting a template for the new Site.

New enhanced templates for Experience Builder

2. Show CMS Collections on the Sites With the New Grid Component

Now you can add CMS collections and listviews to LWR sites using this new component. CMS collections created in enhanced workspaces can only be displayed in enhanced LWR sites, while non-enhanced LWR sites can show only object listviews within the Grid component.

The new Grid component has powerful functionality for data binding so you can select the values you want to show, pagination options, and data sources in the component’s property.

Grid component on the page

3. Improved Site Performance

Salesforce made several site performance improvements for users in this release, such as:

  • Cached images are displayed faster and resized to fit any device—tablet, phone, or desktop—so users have a better browsing experience.
  • Authenticated users can create records more efficiently, as micro-batching expands beyond guest users. With this function enabled, all records (cases, leads, etc.) will be submitted in batches, rather than one at a time. 
  • Now Header, Main, and Search tags are included in all Aura templates so users can clearly understand where they are on the page. For example, if the user opens a Chatter Question by clicking on the date link, he will see the question’s title on the site page.

Important Guest Users Security Updates

As mentioned in our previous release note overviews, Salesforce has started to implement some restrictions for guest users. As of Spring 2022, you can no longer assign guest users permission sets or permission set groups associated with permission set licenses that contain View All, Modify All, Edit, and Delete standard object permissions.

In the Winter ’23 Release, Salesforce starts to enforce these updates and removes all permission sets and permission set group assignments affected by this restriction from guest users. Now only Read and Create permissions are allowed for guest users.

To avoid disruptions that can affect workflows and other customizations, we recommend you review and remove all licenses and permission sets that contain restricted permissions before the Winter ’23 release goes live.


We hope you’ve enjoyed our news and updates about Salesforce and Experience Cloud. Our highly qualified team is always happy to help and answer any questions, so don’t hesitate to reach out.

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