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Event Management for Non-Profits


Event Management for Non-Profits
November 18 2021
4:00 pm - 4:36 pm EEST

Webinar recording

November 18 2021
Event Management for Non-Profits

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Events are one of the main ways of engaging with your members, volunteers and donors, that’s why the importance of event management can not be underestimated. From our experience, pretty much all of the member organizations and non-profits that we worked with do events in one way or the other. And we see much demand for quality event management software among big and small organizations using Salesforce.

AC Events Enterprise app is a great event management solution, 100% native to Salesforce, that helps you to engage with members, donors, volunteers or students using the Experience Cloud platform.

Benefits of the AC Events Enterprise App:

  • Use multiple ways of engaging with your audience through Online, In-person and Hybrid Events;
  • Get comprehensive data using Custom Reports and Dashboards;
  • Get everything you need for organizing Different Types of Events;
  • Apply Flexible Pricing Packages and get more loyal audience;
  • Safe and reliable Payments Integration;
  • Get more information on your attendees and provide them with better service using
  • Customisable Questionnaires;
  • Even more flexibility with Member-hosted Events.

Take a look at the Event Management for Non-profits on Salesforce webinar Advanced Communities hosted recently. Our team presented the AC Events Enterprise app and on the examples of the Bond and Greenpeace demonstrated opportunities that it opens up to member organizations and non-profits.