AC Knowledge Management for Salesforce: How to Use It to Increase Support Efficiency

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Salesforce is an incredibly powerful CRM platform that enables organizations to manage their customer relations, and more. But keeping track of everything can be a challenge, especially if you’re relying on manual processes or outdated tools.

Salesforce provides users with a great tool for storing and managing all their data – Salesforce Knowledge. It allows you to make important information easily accessible to partners, customers, and service agents. But Salesforce Knowledge’s out-of-the-box functionality is quite limited for Experience Cloud.

That’s why we created AC Knowledge Management Enterprise — a 100% native to Salesforce app that makes knowledge management on Experience Cloud smooth and holistic.

What is Knowledge Management?

Knowledge management is a set of processes and practices that allow organizations to capture and store valuable information, such as internal policies, customer data, best practices, and more. 

This helps businesses stay organized, foster employee collaboration, build on institutional knowledge and make data-driven decisions. Knowledge management incorporates business essential tools, like document management systems, collaborative networks, project management applications, and other technologies used to monitor, store and access enterprise-wide knowledge.

Why are Self-Service Portals Becoming a Crucial Support Channel?

Self-service portals are becoming increasingly important as customer service channels due to their convenience and cost-effectiveness. 

With a self-service portal, customers are able to quickly access the information they need without having to contact customer service representatives. This reduces costs for businesses while providing a fast and easy solution for customers. 

Additionally, self-service portals provide valuable insights into customer behavior, which can be used to make more informed decisions and improve the overall customer experience.

Why Do You Need a Knowledge Management System?

A knowledge management system is an essential tool for businesses looking to organize, store, and share their institutional knowledge. 

Companies can remain organized, foster employee collaboration, and have the confidence to make data-driven decisions. In addition, a knowledge management system allows enterprises to capture customer data and develop better ways to serve them. 

Businesses are better able to track changes within their organization, enabling them to stay ahead of the curve and continue to thrive in today’s competitive landscape.

What is the AC Knowledge Management Enterprise Tool and How Does It Work?

AC Knowledge Management Enterprise is a comprehensive software solution for sharing and managing knowledge articles on Salesforce Experience Cloud. Built native to Salesforce, it takes knowledge management in the community to the next level, preventing data silos and making important information easily accessible.

Our cloud-based application suite provides a range of useful features, such as data categorization, file attachment support, multi-base support, user-created articles, data protection, user access management, and much more.

Salesforce knowledge

5 Ways the AC Knowledge Management Enterprise Improves Efficiency

AC Knowledge Management Enterprise provides businesses with an array of features designed to increase efficiency and streamline collaboration. Here are the top five ways our solution can improve operational efficiency.

1. Easy Navigation

AC Knowledge Management Enterprise supports data category hierarchies which can be used as filters to quickly find relevant knowledge articles. Use advanced navigation features to structure articles for manuals and guides where the order is essential, and take advantage of long data category names support, which isn’t limited by the standard 40 symbols.

2. User-Created Articles

Increase user engagement by encouraging users to make a contribution to the knowledge base. Using the AC Knowledge Management Enterprise’s functionality site, users can create articles directly from the Experience Cloud site.

3. Advanced Case Deflection Wizard

Reduce the number of cases up to 70% by letting users go through the most common problems and questions and find solutions in relevant knowledge articles, instead of submitting cases.

4. Customized Filters & Flexible Sorting

Expand filtering options for your site users by creating custom filters for your knowledge bases. Add any custom values to the field set depending on your needs. A flexible search and sorting system allows article sorting by date and by the most viewed.

5. Multiple Knowledge Bases Support

Create separate knowledge bases for multiple products on a single system and let users search articles for specific products through each base, using separate filters.

How AC Knowledge Management Enterprise improves support efficiency

Knowledge Management Tips to Improve Your Customer Service

Today, customers increasingly expect personalized, timely service from the businesses they interact with. 

As a result, companies need to stay organized and have access to the most up-to-date information to provide the best possible customer experience. 

Having a knowledge management system in place is an invaluable asset for a company looking to improve its customer service. Here are some tips on how you can use it to enhance your customer service:

  • Unified data management: store all relevant data in one secure location that is accessible from any device, allowing for quick access to information when needed.
  • User access control: allow administrators to grant and restrict access to certain users or groups as necessary, ensuring only authorized personnel have access to the system’s data.
  • Seamless collaboration: features, such as tagging and document sharing, make it easy for stakeholders to share files or discuss customer issues in real-time; thus improving overall customer satisfaction.
  • Insights and automation: analytics tools within the knowledge management system can monitor customer activity and help identify areas needing improvement; while also taking advantage of automated processes, like workflow optimization or predictive analytics.
  • Secure storage: with robust data protection protocols in place, your organization’s confidential information remains safe within the knowledge management system – even if employees leave the company or their credentials are compromised.

To Summarize

Overall, leveraging AC Knowledge Management Enterprise technology is an effective way for businesses looking to increase their support efficiency while providing excellent customer service every time! 

With its intuitive user interface and range of features that enable streamlined collaboration between stakeholders, it’s no wonder many companies are turning to our knowledge management component as a fundamental part of their business strategy today.

If you are looking for Salesforce self-service portal solutions, Advanced Communities is happy to help! 

Our highly qualified, experienced experts know everything about Experience Cloud and are looking forward to helping you with its implementation and configuration.

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