Jive To Salesforce Community Migration

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Salesforce Community Cloud is growing at a fast rate and more and more companies consider switching from Jive to Salesforce Community Cloud. Based on our experience we provide a guide for companies that consider moving from Jive to Salesforce Community Cloud.

Overall, Salesforce Community Cloud is close to Jive community in terms of functionality and most of the features are very similar and can be closely matched. Some of the features that are not present in Community Cloud out of the box can still be matched by components such as Events, Blogs or Galleries.

Downloading our  Jive To Salesforce Community Migration Guide you’ll get:

  • A detailed Migration Guide available for free on (link);
  • Reduced risk of migration by getting access to an overview of Salesforce Community Cloud features;
  • Increased speed in moving from Jive to Community Cloud by having mapping of Jive to Community Cloud objects;
  • A list of the main Jive concepts and how they can be applied to the Salesforce Community Cloud;

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