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When choosing a platform for your online community, you need to consider factors like:

  • Platform stability
  • Scalability
  • Flexibility and customisation
  • Mobile capabilities
  • Licence fee
  • Development costs
  • Set up and deployment time
  • Out-of-box plug-in availability
  • Support and maintenance

Salesforce is a platform that satisfies all these conditions and provides three standard templates for online communities.

Communities built on Salesforce help companies to achieve high win rates, efficient customer support and better user engagement.

Salesforce communities come with CRM integration, high security, scalability, high stability, inbuilt social integration, etc.

To make sure your community stands out, you need the out-of-box Salesforce Community Features, which have a responsive layout, better design, full text search, rich user profiles and custom reporting.

Unfortunately, Salesforce does not provide an extended set of features or custom designs for its templates.

Koa TemplateKokua TemplateNapili Template
Questions & Answers+ offers:

  • Consultation (auditing and providing recommendations)
  • Implementation of Salesforce solutions (setting up custom objects, fields, etc.)
  • Integration with Salesforce 3rd party applications
  • Development of custom apps and the advantages of existing Salesforce solutions
  • Customisation of the community according to your company brand

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