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Advanced Communities - Leading Salesforce Consulting Firm

Working across multiple industries, we’ve got a wealth of experience in building out, configuring and developing feature-rich and engaging Salesforce communities for employees, partners and customers, maximising value for our clients’ businesses.

Advanced Communities’ Salesforce Functional Consultants

Here at Advanced Communities, we help our clients to engage their audiences with beautiful branded portals, forums and sites. Our Design and UX team knows how to create custom Community Cloud templates to match your corporate branding guidelines and our top-rated Lightning Components provide additional features and functions to extend your community, providing you with a perfectly tailored Community experience. Our ready-made components are a great way for you to quickly improve your community and to add value to your business.

Our Award-Winning Salesforce Community Cloud Consultants’ Team

We have been in Salesforce Experience Cloud (former Community Cloud) consulting since it was first announced and recently, we are seeing more and more clients switching from different social platforms to Salesforce Experience Cloud. Being one of the best Salesforce consulting companies and constantly collaborating with Salesforce MVPs, we are often asked by our clients to migrate to communities from their legacy platforms. Our consultants provide migration services and have also produced comprehensive Community Migration guides. We provide Salesforce consulting services to companies across multiple industries in the USA, EMEA region and Australia.

Sustainable Restaurant Association
Sustainable Restaurant Association (SRA) is a non-profit organisation which brings together restaurants that commit to comply with certain standards such as treating their staff fairly and getting their food from sustainable sources. SRA required a community as a way of bringing member restaurants together and as a communication channel that would allow them to share events, announcements and blog posts.
One of its main requirements was to run an annual survey of over 300 questions in order to evaluate the sustainability score of each restaurant and to provide a PDF report for each member. You can find hundreds or even thousands of Salesforce partners that “do everything” but if you are trying to find the best of breed Community Cloud specialists that may not be as easy. We at Advanced Communities firmly believe that we would rather do one thing and be the best at it.
Having been a Salesforce consulting partner since 2013, our Salesforce functional consultants know the product inside out, including all the latest features and trends, and we follow the most up-to-date, best practices. In fact, we have twice been awarded the Salesforce Community Bolty as EMEA Break Out Partner, and are a leading Salesforce consulting company.
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Mulesoft (now Salesforce Integration Cloud), which is one of the world leading iPaaS providers, required an efficient way of getting feedback from its customers and understanding which features are the most required in its range of products. Its range of products includes Anypoint Platform, Dataloader, and Anypoint design center.
Advanced Communities Ideas component provides a tool for getting the most valuable kind of feedback: feedback from customers. Free Ideas component was selected by Mulesoft as the most reviewed and popular Experience Cloud Component on AppExchange. Currently our component provides a public ideas portal functionality for Mulesoft and helps it to understand the needs of its customers and to develop a roadmap for future developments.
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Help Center for BigCommerce
BigCommerce, one of the leading SAAS providers of e-commerce solutions, required a single sophisticated support portal for its customers where they would be able to access knowledge articles and videos as well as share ideas and ask questions.
The Advanced Communities team provided an innovative environment tailored for specific BigCommerce requirements. The newly-created portal provides integrated access to different support options, official documentation and the knowledge gathered from thousands of community discussions.
This community helped us to win a Salesforce Community Bolty award and has been praised by many Salesforce experts.
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Varonis is one of the leading US software security companies. It had been utilising the Jive platform for a few years and decided to move to Salesforce Community Cloud and to create communities for its partners, customers and employees. Most of Jive features have appropriate equivalents on Experience Cloud but, some of the features – such as events or blogs – required custom development. Having Events and Blog components and expertise in Community Cloud migrations made Advanced Communities an ideal candidate for Experience Cloud implementation and migration from the Jive platform.
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