Salesforce World Tour NYC

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June turned out to be rich in different activities, and we were honored not only to visit Salesforce World Tour in New York but to be a Gold Sponsor of one of the most anticipated events of the year! 

Many amazing companies, from small to big,  gathered there to share their expertise and demonstrate the powerful solutions they worked on. 

Salesforce World Tour NYC

This year we’ve presented the following apps:

AC Knowledge Enterprise takes knowledge management in the community to the next level, preventing data silos and making it easier to find information. It is a comprehensive software solution for sharing and managing Knowledge Articles on Salesforce Experience Cloud.

AC Ideas Ultimate is innovative in its approach to the Ideation process. Explore this new way of collaboration! Create bright and unique ideas! Then, ask your customers directly for their opinions.

AC Events Enterprise allows you to enhance your productivity and streamline event management and analytics collection within your Salesforce org! AC Events Enterprise meets the most complex requirements for your online and in-person events.

AC eCommerce is native to Salesforce and enables your online sales without any additional tools and services. Great-looking designs provide an enterprise grade shopping experience for your customers.

AC MemberSmart is a one-stop system for organizations that uses all of the benefits of Salesforce. Native to Salesforce, customizable, and flexible, the app lets you easily work for a wide range of membership organizations and associations.

AC Partner Marketplace has been created to help organizations of all sizes and across all industries to transform and run their businesses. Building out your Partner directory and marketplace will enable your customers to find the right partners and solutions and help partners to grow your business.

AC Partner Co-Branding empowers your partners to brand and collaborate on promotional items for your products and services by creating co-branded marketing and sales content.  In addition, the app enables your partners to create their own marketing assets with their logos and other elements.

It was an excellent time for networking. We were happy to meet and talk with everyone who stopped by our booth, answer your questions, and tell you more about our products. If you missed this event and are interested in how our apps work – feel free to contact us and get a demo.

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