Significant New Updates to AC Events Enterprise

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We’ve implemented an impressive list of new features to provide you with even more flexibility and convenience while managing your events. It’s a MAJOR update where we took your wishes into account and significantly extended the functionality of the AC Events Enterprise app. Let’s take a closer look! 

New major features:

Recurring Events & Registration for a Series of Events

Recurring events can be crucial for organizations. For example, if a non-profit organizes regular events (weekly, bi-weekly, etc.) for an extended period of time, it can be exhausting to create each event manually. With this new feature, the event manager can create an event once and set up recurring options so the event will repeat when it’s needed. You can create recurring events by defining periods, quantity, days, and scope of recurrence.

Recurring Order creation

We also made it possible for users to register for a series of events at one time, which will help them avoid forgetting to register for a specific event. . Users can now register once, without the need to repeat the registration process.

Separate Email Templates for Each Event

Event planners can now assign separate email templates to different events depending on the zone, event type, location, and time zone… really anything you might need! Since our app is 100% native to Salesforce, you can fully use flows to adjust different templates to any kind of event. For example,  you can use separate templates for events that take place during the day vs. the evening or for team events and external activities.

There are five new fields added to the AC Event object you can use to specify the email template:

  • Deleted event Email template API name
  • Event Invoice Email template API name
  • Event Reminder Email template API name
  • Modified event Email template API name
  • Welcome Email template API name

New Packages: Post-Payment Package and Paid with Donation

Post-Payment Package: A package with a post-payment option allows users to delay payment instead of paying it immediately. If you select this option when creating an event, users will receive an invoice by email and can pay it when they want. Later, after the payment is received, the event manager can change the event participation record to Confirmed.

New Event Package creation

Paid with Donation: Our paid with a donation package allows users to add donations to their payment. For those who want to give more than the ticket costs, they’re now able to set any donation amount in addition to the ticket price.

Enhanced Event Cloning

If you’ve already created a custom event with a lot of information, customizations, etc., and then need to create a similar one but with some changes, you can now simply clone that event and change the details without wasting time filling in all the repetitive information. You can also select which related records you want to clone.

Event Cloning options

Native Integration with Zoom Webinars

Now event managers can create Zoom Webinar events thanks to our native Zoom integration. The event creator becomes the Zoom Webinar Host and must have an active Webinar license for creating a webinar event.  The app previously supported Zoom Meetings only.

New Event creation form

New Lightning Component: Contact Event Host

We’ve added this functionality to let users contact the event host and ask additional questions or request other details about the event. The event owner will receive an email notification and be able to quickly respond to the user’s inquiry. 

Easy Access to ICS Files

Users can have peace of mind by easily adding events to their calendar. Following registration, attendees can download the .ics calendar file directly from the site and save it in their preferred calendar system.

Other New Features:

  • External Link for Registration: If a user needs to register  for the event on an external website, each event can have an external link for registration in the correspondence field
  • Bundle of New Permission Sets: Salesforce administrators may assign different permission sets for users with different event capabilities:

– AC Event Enterprise Internal Event Manager: An internal administrator with all event management permissions.

– AC Event Enterprise Customer Community User: A community user that’s allowed to register for events but not create them.

– AC Event Enterprise Customer Community Event Organizer: A community user that can register for events and create new ones. 

– AC Event Enterprise Guest User: Guest users that can register for an event, but they’re unable to create new events.

  • IDs of participation – with the registration on behalf could be used as flow input parameters.
  • Stripe Integration: Our Stripe integration now supports using a card with 2FA (3D secure).
  • New Sponsor Description Field:  A sponsor’s description now supports the Long Text field.
  • Enhanced Waitlist Visibility: The number of open spots on a waitlist can be displayed within the registration process.
  • Guest Users are Unable to Register Community Users for an  Event:  However, logged-in users are allowed to register another community user with the “Purchase for someone else” button.

We hope you enjoy our app and these new features! Feel free to reach out to our experts and ask questions about our apps or anything related to Experience Cloud. We’re always happy to help!

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