AC Partner Co-Branding
Key Features
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Empower Partners with Marketing Assets

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Protect your Brand Identity

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Support Multiple document formats

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Multiple Folders for better Assets Order

Take a look at how these key features can benefit your community

Get mutual success with your partner inside your Salesforce by applying a co-branding strategy.

  • Easily create co-branded content. Create and share your marketing assets with your partners.
  • Supports different formats:
    • .docx;
    • .pptx;
    • .pdf

Benefit from the joint resources resulting in greater potential reach and sales income!

  • Brand Identity Protection. Allows your partners to create their own co-branded assets, on demand and within minutes — while protecting your brand and logo usage.
  • Multiple Folders for better Assets Order. Separate folders enable your partners to search and quickly identify relevant documents.
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Competing in an intense market can be challenging and getting your product recognised may require teaming up with your partners to be able to leverage the audiences and resources that you each have for marketing.

Co-branding partnership encompasses branding collaborations where each brand contributes its own corporate identity to create complementary marketing and sales resources.

Native to Salesforce, AC Partner Co-Branding allows companies and organisations to combine their marketing and advertising campaigns and as a consequence to achieve greater potential reach and sales income.

AC Partner Co-Branding inside your Salesforce enables your partners to create their own marketing assets with their own name, logo, contact details and other elements - all while keeping aligned with your marketing and branding guidelines.

In addition, specially developed for Salesforce, AC Partner Co-Branding allows two or more businesses to pool their marketing resources into a piece of thought-leadership content and to promote it across multiple channels to an equal degree. While each business has its own respective audience and reputation, participating in co-branding campaigns ensures a further expansion of target audiences to the mutual benefit of all companies.