3 Powerful Features of Salesforce Experience Cloud

With the latest Winter 21 Release, Salesforce Community Cloud has been renamed as Experience Cloud reflecting the fact that it is a platform that allows you to create not just a community, but also differently branded experiences like online shops, portals, mobile apps, help centres, forums and websites with CMS system, B2B commerce. 

Salesforce Experience Cloud opens up a world of opportunities and variations on ways to use it and what your partners, customers or employees’ digital experience could look like.

In this article, we will focus on three great features that will improve your business and provide a secure and comfortable environment for your partners, customers or employees.

Branding and Customization with Experience Builder

To create any experience – whether a site, customer support site, partner portal or something else – you choose an appropriate template in Experience Builder Salesforce that works right out of the box. You can also customize this experience according to your custom design and implement most of your extraordinary ideas without any code, just with clicks!  

Experience builder makes it possible to add pages and customize them as easily and intuitively as with any other web site constructor. You can even automatically generate a colour scheme by uploading your corporate logo. You can also preview how your site will look on different devices.  

Third-Party Apps 

Experience Cloud is built on the Salesforce Platform. It means that you can extend the functionality of your community with the wide range of third-party apps available through  AppExchange such as Event Management, Ideas and many, many others. Customers, partners and employees will be able to find and share information as well as communicate and collaborate with each other. 

Personalisation and Audiences  

The audience is a set of criteria used to divide users into different segments. You can create audiences and control what information each audience will see when they view your site. For example, if you have different products in different regions or show different messaging for different types of users. Experience Builder allows you to create different experiences for one site and set up pages, navigation menus, components and other criteria depending on what you would like users to see.

Salesforce Experience Cloud is a modern and innovative solution that can be applied for various business scenarios. We at Advanced Communities have experience working on small and big projects with companies across multiple industries. So as Experience Cloud Experts, we are always ready to answer all your questions and help you with the Experience Cloud implementation. Book a consultation with our specialists:


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