How to create a perfect Knowledge Base for your Community

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Recently, we rolled out the new release of our AC Knowledge Management Enterprise application. Unfortunately, this release could cause some issues to organizations with the old versions of Knowledge due to the new property we have added to the component settings.

To remedy possible issues with displaying knowledge articles, you need to delete the “AC Knowledge Detail” component from the “Article Detail” page and add it again in your Community Builder.

Please find the short video of the sequence here: 

If you can’t use this method, please check this one: 

In this article, you may find out how to create a perfect knowledge base for your customers, where they can find answers to their questions easily and quickly. Reduce the number of created cases and the support team workload.

The NEW  VERSION of a Knowledge Management component by Advanced Communities has a MODERN slick design and ENHANCED system functionality for your community!

knowledge management salesforce

The new design for Knowledge Management is completely adjustable to your community branding.

Knowledge Advanced Navigation

Now AC Knowledge Management Enterprise app is available for use in two different modes/versions, depending on the selected Navigation component. The navigation is carried out by filtering articles by groups and categories (AC Knowledge Filters) or by structured content, which includes a hierarchy of categories, article titles, and sections/anchors (AC Knowledge Advanced Navigation).

knowledge advanced navigation

Native to Salesforce, AC Knowledge Advanced Navigation is suitable for structured manuals and implementation guides where each article and its order is important.

It is worth mentioning that Knowledge Management with Advanced Navigation mode requires different configuration to the standard version of our app, though it provides more additional features, such as category landing page and custom sort order.

Create an exceptional online knowledge base using custom  Knowledge Categories

With this release, we provide custom functionality to improve the usage of standard data categories.

Standard Salesforce Data Categories are limited with only 40 symbols length. You can organize your Knowledge Base structure with the help of the custom Knowledge Categories object provided in the package. It allows you to create custom category labels of any length. 

Using Knowledge Categories, you can also add a Category Landing page. This is where you can add an image, description, or other information about the category you want to be visible in the category landing page.

One more great functionality that is available with Advanced Navigation is an articles’ sort order.

Define an order number when you create an article and get a clear perfectly-structured online knowledge base on your community!

new article

Other great and useful features

And the following new features are available regardless of the navigation mode used.

Now, when your Knowledge article is rather long and contains lots of info, you can divide it into section anchors and enable collapsible sections.

By the way, the Navigation is Sticky! You may scroll the article up and down and the navigation is always next to you!

Encourage community members to contribute to the Knowledge Base creation by enabling reputation support and awarding them with reputation points for each published article!

reputations points

Let your most active knowledge users in the community always be on top of things!

Allow community members to follow specific articles and to be notified via email about new article versions.

To let community members quickly find and review the knowledge articles that they follow, we recommend adding the Article Subscriptions community page.

article subscriptions

If you still don’t have our AC Knowledge Management Enterprise, contact us at to ask your questions and request a demo!

And for those who already use our app, all new features are available on your orgs! You may find the updated documentation on the AppExchange

Watch also a video tutorial about how to set up a Knowledge Case Deflection feature in less than 10 mins.

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