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The day of the Lighting Partner Community Launch was 3 November. The official release says it was created to empower Salesforce Partners to sell smarter and faster. ‘Lightning Partner Community is an evolution in both partner management and partner relationships’, said Mike Micucci (Salesforce).

Deliver the Best-in-Class Partner Experience

An effective partner ecosystem is an essential part of any company keen to grow its sales. It allows partners to expand into global markets and industries. More than 50% of sales come from your partner channels; it’s quite obvious. However, many companies don’t have established partner ecosystems to manage all the different types of partners a company works with. Typically, companies work with their partners via different channels, making them search for the information they need and any potential deals, usually without mobile access to the source. This is a massive gap in a company’s sales process.

What is Lightning Partner Community?

  • A way to provide a branded and personalised user experience on any device (desktop or mobile), ensuring that a partner’s experience will be tailored to their business needs. For example, a car dealer can have access to all the information about their customers, including billing info, location and purchase history.
  • Extended CRM records: With Lightning Partner Community, you will get a more complete view across sales, showing leads, opportunities and accounts, knowledge articles, Lightning reports and dashboards, and sales path. With Lead-to-Cash, you will be able to identify the best opportunities, to monitor their progress and to close deals fast and in one place.
  • Use AI – Salesforce Einstein – for Partner Community to show recommended posts and knowledge articles. For example, a fast-food franchise owner, who’s looking to expand their business, can find everything about their business, from distance between restaurants to promotion costs and staffing ratios. In addition, Salesforce Einstein will show the list of related articles and business experts in the community.

Community Cloud and Lightning Partner Community, in particular, are great tools to accelerate your business growth.

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