Community cloud migrations

Community Cloud Migration Guides

As a part of Salesforce Community Cloud consulting and customisation services, we are often asked by our clients to migrate to communities from their legacy platforms, so our consultants have prepared comprehensive Community Migration guides.

Unofficial Salesforce Community Cloud Migration Guide

Moving from one platform to another can be a significant and complex project and many things can go wrong. We have distilled years of practical experience moving our clients’ data to Salesforce into our comprehensive Community Cloud Migration Guide that is full of technical tips and best practices.

Jive To Salesforce Community Cloud
Migration Guide

One of the most frequent cases that we are seeing is Jive users moving to Salesforce and as the leading Salesforce Community Cloud consultancy we have put together a practical sensible Jive To Salesforce Community Cloud Migration Guide to give you a complete overview of the migration process. is an award-winning boutique Salesforce Partner specializing in Community Cloud.
With over 30,000 installations, we are the biggest Community Cloud components provider on AppExchange.

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