AC Events Lite for Experience Cloud: App Limitations

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Hello AC Events Lite for Experience Cloud users,

We appreciate your choice to utilize the AC Events Lite for Experience Cloud application. We genuinely hope you’re enjoying our free app. Your continued loyalty and support to Advanced Communities mean a lot to us.

We’d like to inform you of an upcoming change scheduled for the 4th of December 2023 regarding this app release. To ensure the best support for our app, we’ll be limiting the number of visible upcoming events (by event Start Date/Time) on Experience Cloud sites to 5 per org, regardless of the number of Event Zones used on the site. Also, there will be a restriction on the number of attendees per event, which will be set at 30 per event. Please plan your future event campaigns in accordance with new limitations. 

The transition to production environments is scheduled for the 4th of December 2023. If your event list contains fewer than 5 events or fewer than 30 attendees per event, no action is needed. 

One important note to highlight: Starting on October 30, 2023, you’ll notice a limitation message at the top of the event list on your sandboxes. Beginning on November 13th, 2023, the notification message will appear on all Experience Cloud sites where the AC Events Lite app is in use. This message is part of our effort to keep you informed about these changes.

To hide this notification about the restriction, you can follow these steps: Go to Experience Builder, then click on Theme, and choose Edit CSS. Now, just add the code below and hit publish to update the site.

.breBrEvents > .slds-notify {
    display: none !important;

We genuinely appreciate your loyalty and your understanding. The AC Team is dedicated to ensuring that our free AC Events Lite for Experience Cloud component serves your business well.

If you need more than 5 events or if you’re looking for enhanced features and comprehensive product support, we’d like to suggest checking out the AC Events Enterprise edition. 


As an existing customer, you’ll enjoy a 10% discount for the first 12 months.

With AC Events Enterprise, you’ll enjoy unlimited capacity for the number of events and attendees, along with access to a wide range of exciting features, including:

events management salesforce
  1. Flexible event management & reporting. Simple or complex, one-day, multi-day, multi-session, multi-track events. Virtual, hybrid, or in-person events of any size. Zoom integration. Comprehensive reports and personalized dashboards.
  2. Free & paid events. Supports free events and Stripe for paid events (Spreedly coming soon as well).
  3. Customizable registration process. Attendance limits. Waitlists. Calendar component. Custom questions & rules.
  4. Community-driven events. Community members can create events right from the Experience Cloud site. Events can be published immediately or sent to moderation based on settings.
  5. Flexible pricing packages and ticketing. This includes a variety of price packages (early-bird, VIP, standard, etc), pricing band functionality, bulk purchasing options, vouchers, virtual tickets with QR codes.
  6. Other features include: 
    • Speakers/sponsors management
    • QR codes for attendance tracking
    • Donations
    • Revenue & registration management
    • View KPIs in real-time
    • Recurring events
    • Attendee lists
    • Mass invitations for big audiences
    • Multiple attendees registration
    • Easy event creation directly within the platform through a guided flow

AC Events Enterprise

see product details

Please, feel free to reach out if you have any questions or need help with the transition to AC Events Enterprise app. 

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