New Release of the AC Knowledge Management Enterprise

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Dear friends,

As you know, we are always working on our products to make them better and more convenient for our customers. This time we’ll show you what’s new about our new AC Knowledge Management Enterprise release. Here is a quick overview of its main features:

Multilingual Support

Great news! Our component now has multiple languages support. You can turn on this feature by enabling the “Enable multilingual” checkbox in Knowledge Settings and all of the standard Salesforce functionalities will be available in our app.

salesforce knowledge

You can translate the Knowledge articles and all labels.

salesforce knowledge management

Multiple Knowledge Bases in one community

Now you can add more than one List component to the community and prefilter it by Article Types to display different Knowledge bases on different pages. For example, you can show only articles with FAQ and General Article Types on one page and articles with Solution Article Type on the other. You can also hide the article type labels so users can’t change them.

salesforce knowledge management

Multiple Products

A new feature for Advanced Navigation – create different Knowledge Bases for different products. Advanced Navigation will display the hierarchy of the chosen category on the appropriate page. 

salesforce knowledge management

Previously, you could do that by creating a new group for each product, but the number of groups was restricted to 5 even if you had lots of products. We’ve fixed this problem so now you can segment your Knowledge by categories.

salesforce knowledge management

Print and Save as PDF

With the new release users can save Knowledge articles as PDFs or print them.  You can show or hide the Print button.

salesforce knowledge management

We hope you enjoy our news and updates. If you have any questions about our products,  feel free to contact us:

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