AC Member Directory
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Member Tracking

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Custom Field Support

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Flexible Sorting

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Suitable for Non-Profits

Get to know all the benefits of the most popular Salesforce app for Members and Volunteers Management!

Get the best Salesforce native Member Management app.

  • Member management. Create, update and edit members’ information in your database.
  • Member tracking. Track members' interests and activity to provide relevant services. Use members’ database for analytics.
  • User activity. Facilitate interaction between members. Deliver personalised textual or visual content. Coordinate various marketing activities.
  • Display options. Control members displayed on the community with the Select Profiles option.

Communication has never been easier!

  • Member zones. Create Zones to display different groups of members and set up different options for each zone.
  • Custom fields support. Modify, add and manage member information fields using Custom Field Set.
  • Flexible sorting. Choose table or tile view. Table view provides additional functionality - Flexible Sorting of users with the Follow user option.
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AC Member Directory Enterprise
Check out for many more great features of AC Member Directory Enterprise and track, manage and collaborate with your community members!

AC Members Directory for Salesforce Community Cloud by Advanced Communities is a vital software for companies and non-profit organisations of all sizes that provides member and volunteer management functionality on Community Cloud. The application is intended to track, manage and collaborate with community members. Moreover, AC Members Directory is an effective Volunteer Management integrated with Salesforce which is designed for managing donors and volunteers within Salesforce.

AC Members Directory can be especially useful for Non-profits which may be using Salesforce without NPSP because it provides tool for Donors and Volunteers Management. The app is native to Salesforce and allows charity organisations to manage their volunteers on Community Cloud by campaign.

Get AC Members Directory and start successfully using Salesforce for volunteer management today!