AC Member Directory
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Find local members
using geolocation

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Segment members
using zones

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Find the right people
with custom filters

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Flexible Sorting

Get to know all the benefits of the most popular Salesforce Member Management!

Get the best Salesforce native Member Management app.

  • Create, update and edit members’ information in your database.
  • Facilitate interaction between members.
  • Help members to find each other.
  • Coordinate various marketing activities.
  • Can be used for Salesforce Members and Volunteers Management.

Communication has never been easier!

  • Communicate with members by email, social media, telephone or posts.
  • Deliver personalised textual or visual content.
  • Track members interests and activity to provide relevant services.
  • Control members displayed on the community with the Select Profiles option.

And even more functionality for advanced analytics:

  • Use members database for analytics.
  • Modify, add and manage member information fields using Custom Field Set.
  • Create members targeted groups by key criteria (location, age, industry, etc.) using flexible filtering.
  • Create Zones to display different groups of members and set up different options for each zone.

Members Management for Salesforce Community Cloud by Advanced Communities is a vital software for membership-based and non-profit organisations of all sizes to get the member related functionality on Community Cloud.

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