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Discover smart new features of the app you use every day

AC Payments & Donations is a powerful Salesforce payment management

  • Easy to setup and configure payments from Community members and guests.
  • Stripe API integration - provide secure payment processing (salesforce data storage).
  • Multiple Payments Types - process one-time and recurring transactions from any source object.
  • Custom Payment Amount - provide any custom amount for donation.
  • Salesforce products, pricing books and orders are supported.
  • Full tracking and reporting on all payments.

NATIVE SALESFORCE APP fits seamlessly your salesforce data management.

  • Easy-to-Use - drag and drop community builder components.
  • Display Options - use embedded component or a button with a pop-up window.
  • Salesforce Lightning Design System - provides a responsive and modern look.
  • Predefined User Info - auto-complete payment info for logged users.

Helping others has never been easier!

Reach out to your donors, streamline your programmes and raise more resources!

AC Donations allows to create your fundraising campaigns on community in just a few clicks to create great giving experiences for today’s connected donors.

Non-Profit Success Pack Integration - create donation records automatically based on transactions and subscriptions made within the component.

  • Reach out to your donors using power of Community Cloud. Both guest and community users are supported.
  • With AC Events your event team can easily create offline and online fundraising events to generate donations.
  • Accept one-time and recurring donations.
  • Create donation campaigns and track their performance in Salesforce.
  • Secure and reliable Stripe payment processing.
  • Completely FREE.

AC Payment & Donations for Community Cloud by Advanced Community is a powerful tool in your hands to control and manage your invoices inside the Salesforce.

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