AC Events Enterprise Updates: New Features and Performance Boosts

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Thank you for joining us as we unveil our article showcasing the latest updates to our esteemed product AC Events Enterprise!

We recognize the significance of meeting the evolving needs of our users, who rely on our product to address their challenges. It remains crucial for us to ensure that our product remains current and responsive to their requirements. Within this article, we will shine a spotlight on the recent advancements and performance optimizations we have implemented within our AC Events Enterprise event management app. Stay tuned as we dive into the exciting updates that promise to enhance your experience with our product.


It is strongly recommended to have the latest app version installed in all orgs.

New major features

On May 3, 2023, AC Events Enterprise was upgraded on every sandbox. As a major release, it brings numerous new features and functionalities. Let’s highlight the exciting changes that have been made.

Server-to-Server OAuth Flow integration

If you are hosting online events using native Zoom integration, it is important to note that as of June 2023 JWT Auth app type will be deprecated by Zoom. To ensure uninterrupted functionality, you must update your authorization method to the Server-to-Server approach before June 1st, 2023. If you wish to continue using JWT until June 1st, please make sure to uncheck the “Use Server-to-Server OAuth Flow” option in the Event Settings tab. 

How to update authorization method to the Server-to-Server approach:

Create Server-to-Server app in Zoom.

a) Go to

b) Choose Server-to-Server OAuth and click “Create”

c) Name the app and click “Create”

AC Events Enterprise Updates

d) Fill in the “Information” tab

e) In the “Scopes” tab click “+ Add Scope”

f) For Meetings – choose “View and manage all user meetings” (meeting:write:admin)

AC Events Enterprise Updates

g) For Webinars – choose “View and manage all user Webinars” (webinar:write:admin)

events salesforce

h) Click the “Activate” button

i) In the “App Credential” tab you need to copy Account ID, Client ID, Client secret.

salesforce events

In Salesforce Setup – go to the “Remote Site Settings” and add as New Remote Site

salesforce events

Go to the “Events Settings” tab

a) Find the “Use Server-to-Server OAuth Flow” setting and enable it

b) As “Org-Wide Zoom credentials” provide the following data:

User host email – put email address of the Zoom user for creating org-wide online events

Account Id – Account ID from App Credentials in Zoom

Client Id – Client ID from App Credentials in Zoom

Client Secret  – Client Secret from App Credentials in Zoom

c) Click the “Save” button.


Zoom has made changes to the reporting behavior, resulting in the non-return of the participation ID. The Attended checkbox will now be automatically filled if the user logged into the Zoom meeting using an email address that exactly matches the participation’s email address.

Advanced event creation Wizard for Experience Site users

We empower users to create events from an Experience Site using an extended Wizard. Users can now enjoy a range of customizable options, regulated by Custom Permissions. To enable specific functionalities, such as the “Full Event Creation Wizard on a site,” “Visible Package Step on Wizard,” “Visible Tab Step on Wizard,” “Visible Speaker Step on Wizard,” “Visible Session Step on Wizard,” and “Visible Track Step on Wizard,” simply add and assign the relevant permission set to the user. Remember to fine-tune Object level and Field Level Security permissions to align with the enabled Wizard steps.

salesforce event wizard

Recurring events with all related records

With this release, it becomes possible to create recurring events with all related records to the master events, excluding Event Participation. No additional configuration or setup is required. Simply create a master event that includes all the necessary related records such as Packages, Tabs, Sessions, Speakers, and Tracks. When you create a recurring event, all the related records from the master event will be automatically cloned to new events within the series. The timing of Sessions will be adjusted based on the Start Date and Time of each event in the series. 

Additional placeholders for Chatter Group post templates

In this latest release, we offer a wider range of placeholders for seamless automatic posting in Chatter for events within groups. In addition to the existing {!linkToEvent} placeholder, which posts the event title as an active link, we are introducing three new placeholders to enhance the information displayed in the Chatter posts. 

The new placeholders are as follows:

  1. {!startDate} – This placeholder allows you to post the start date and time of the event, providing important scheduling details.
  2. {!gmt} – With this placeholder, you can easily include the timezone of the event in your Chatter post, ensuring clarity for participants across different regions.
  3. {!location} – Designed specifically for local events, this placeholder enables you to post the event location, including the address, providing attendees with the necessary information.

Email notifications with receipts for successful transactions

With the introduction of the version 2.93.4, we are pleased to announce that users who have made payments for registration will now receive email notifications containing receipts. This feature extends to Stripe payments as well, ensuring comprehensive coverage. To define the template for the receipt email, simply utilize the “acem__Event_Receipt_Email_template_API_name__c” field on the AC Events object.

Vimeo integration

In our latest update, we are happy to introduce Vimeo integration, allowing you to effortlessly embed Vimeo videos and live streams into the Event Tab record and the event’s microsite to enhance the multimedia experience for your attendees. 

To make use of this feature, simply follow these steps:

  1. Create an Event Tab with the Rich Text record type.
  2. Copy the embedding code from Vimeo, starting with “<iframe …”.
  3. Paste the code into the acem__Tab_content__c field and save the record.

AC Events Enterprise

see product details

Other minor features:

In addition to the major upgrades, this release also includes several minor features and improvements. Firstly, the visibility of the “Location” step has been enhanced in both the Event Wizard and Event Creation flow, allowing for easier management of event locations. Activities on the Event Transaction object have been optimized to ensure the proper functioning of Invoice and Receipt email notifications. Furthermore, permission sets have been updated, ensuring better control over user access and permissions. A minor user experience improvement has been made specifically for internal event managers, enhancing their workflow efficiency. And many more…


Based on Salesforce recommendations, we strictly suggest switching from a Profile-based access approach to Permission sets.

The Future of User Management in Salesforce: Switching From a Profile-Based Access Approach to Permission Sets

Salesforce has recently announced a significant change to the data access and user permission management, bringing a new era of user management in Salesforce.The company has reported the end-of-life (EOL) of permissions on profiles, which will take effect in the Spring ’26 release.
Post image


Regardless of whether you have been using our product for a while or are just starting out, we trust that you have found this article informative and valuable. Should you have any inquiries or come across any challenges while updating, our dedicated Advanced Communities support team is ready to assist you. We welcome any feedback or suggestions you may have.

Thank you for selecting our product, and we remain committed to meeting your requirements with ongoing updates and exciting features.

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