The Role of a Partner Portal in Delivering an Effective Partner Program

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What do partners want? It’s an age-old question for vendors, suppliers and those involved with sales or managing partnerships…

In the world of channel sales and partner management, understanding what partners want is crucial. Balancing support and empowerment is a challenge. This article explores the top three things partners desire and proposes a solution: the partner portal.

Consistent, high-quality support with access to materials

There isn’t a single partner that wouldn’t want high-quality support however, it’s HOW that support is delivered which is key. Support is important, but delivery methods should be efficient.

Usually mentioning high-quality support conjures images of time and cost intensive activities, from meetings and catch-ups, through to off-site events and internal training sessions. While these are great for delivering support, traditional support methods can be time and cost intensive.

If an organization has a huge volume of partners, it’s not realistic to deliver that same level of support for everyone. In short, organizations need to support partners at scale.

Feeling inspired and autonomous

Throughout our conversations with clients and their partners, one thing is clear – partners value autonomy.

It’s perhaps unsurprising but it does raise the question, how do you provide autonomy? The short answer is through empowerment. By empowering partners, you’re giving them the tools to be autonomous, ranging from a sense of confidence and trust, through to access to marketing materials and collateral whenever they need it.

Empowerment is key, providing partners with confidence, trust, and easy access to marketing materials.

Solid and reliable communications

Effective communication is vital for successful partnerships.

In a recent report into what tech partners want, 58% of partners cite a lack of communications as a factor in why partnerships don’t reach expectations. Communication challenges include channels and frequency.

This isn’t a surprise as any relationship, be it business or personal, is only as good as its communication. Organizations must understand partners’ needs and communicate reliably.

The challenges often lie around channel(s) and frequency – are communications being sent through the right channel at the right time and to the right person?

An organization that wants to manage this effectively needs to know its partners, their needs and being able to deliver reliably.

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The solution… have you considered a partner portal?

Partners need support and empowerment to flourish. Delivering on each of the points we’ve covered isn’t easy but there is a solution to delivering what partners want…

The partner portal.

A partner portal is a comprehensive solution that addresses partners’ needs.

It serves as an intermediary between vendor and partner, providing access to tools, assets, and communications. While the partner gets access to support and autonomy, the vendor or supplier has a better-informed partner network and a significantly improved case deflection rate, meaning there’s more time for the business to win new business.

Benefits of a partner portal:

⚡Provide access to all relevant materials, such as marketing collateral and product

⚡Deliver consistent communications across a platform that’s accessible 24/7

⚡Deflect up to 70% of support cases while also providing high-quality support for your partners

⚡Keep data together and harmonized (If using Salesforce), such as deals, leads, partner information and more

⚡Empower your partner network through a comprehensive portal

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Creating an effective partner program requires a high-quality partner experience. The partner portal serves as a focal point, addressing partners’ needs and maximizing collaboration.

With partners having more choices than ever when it comes to vendors and suppliers, those looking to create an effective partner program must deliver for their partners.

Delivering a high-quality partner experience is critical to keep partners engaged, up-to-speed and able to sell your products and services most efficiently.

For any vendor or supplier that works with partners, you must keep them engaged, informed and empowered. Being able to deliver these at scale does require a strong PRM strategy but more often than not, a partner portal is the focal point.

What next…?

Download the AC PRM Playbook for detailed insights on delivering a high-quality partner experience through the partner portal. Additionally, experience a partner portal first-hand with a guided tour, highlighting functionalities and maximizing returns from Salesforce.

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