Community Cloud Components

Top Rated Community Components

Our top rated Lightning Components provide powerful, additional functionality to Community Builder Templates which deliver new value to your Community. These ready to use components are quick and simple to install and extend the possibilities of Salesforce’s Community Builder.

Here, at AdvancedCommunities, we develop the best components for community development and customer engagement. They are available free on the AppExchange.

Who doesn’t enjoy getting free stuff? We all do!

AC Ideas – Lightning Component

Engage directly with your community. Our top rated Ideas component enables you to raise your customer engagement to a higher level. Listen, learn and improve your customer service through feedback. By utilising our Ideas Component your community users can:
– Suggest new products or services
– Post their ideas, vote on them and write comments
– Sort Ideas by category, status or rating
– Search or browse for Ideas using keywords
Our Ideas Component for Community Cloud enables you to engage with customers and receive feedback in new and productive ways. Your customers feel listened to and you hear their ideas for your company. It’s a win win component!

AC Events Calendar- Lightning Component

Our top rated Events component adds calendar functionality to your community. Now you can plan meetings, conferences, webinars and promotional events and publish the dates to your community.
Events enables you to:
– Create events
– Add location maps
– Show or hide attendees
– Search for events and more

It’s easy to add our Events component to your community with Community Builder and it looks great on all devices from phones to PC. Try it today!

AC Blog – Lightning Component

Your company Blog is invaluable to your business, marketing, ethos and company. Your Blog should also be visible to your communities. Now our top rated Blog component for community cloud allows you to share your blog content with your community.
You can use it to:
– Make announcements
– Publicise you thought leadership
– Ensure marketing and messaging is consistent
– Better reach your customers through your community

Install our Blog component now and communicate with your customers in a completely new way!

AC Voting – Lightning Component

Voting component is a simple measurement tool that tells you how community members think and feel about any given topic.

Polls are ideal for when you want to help your regular customers to be heard.

Our Voting component allows you to display your polls, so you can add more customer engagement and fun to your Salesforce community.

It allows you to:

– Create polls and manage polls

– Show results of polls

– Show multiple polls in your community

Polls can be a great way to get your community users’ opinions. Instead of sending emails to ask a question, you can create one simple poll and make sure everybody has answered it.

Polls are anonymous, so you can see how many people voted, but you can’t see who voted. Polls also can be used for surveys, and to gain a better understanding of customers’ needs.

AC Knowledge Component

Your knowledge base must be accessible to your customers. With AC Knowledge component, you will help your customers to receive service faster or even to solve their problems themselves.

So, what can you do with AC Knowledge?

– List articles

– Search articles

– Filter articles by article type and data category

– Show article details

– Vote for article


AC User Directory Component 

One of the components we created recently is the User Directory component. It allows you to display your community users in alphabetical order on any page of the community.

User Directory can become the ‘eyes and ears’ of community users who want to know their audience. It is a great way to find people and contact them directly or via Chatter – the component allows you to search users by first/last name or email, as well as sorting them alphabetically.

Main features:

– Easy to add with Community Builder

– Choose what fields and user info should be displayed

– Search by first name, last name, email, etc.

– Search alphabetically

– Sort in ascending/descending order

The User Directory component supports the security settings of the community and User Object settings. It can be placed on any community page, although it is best suited to partner or employee communities.

AC Image Slider

Image Slider is a slideshow gallery and is one of the most popular visual display modes in web design today. We thought it would be great to have in Salesforce community. No sooner said than done. Show your brightest pictures with our Slider component!

– Carousel view of pictures

– Set the time interval for carousel

Image Slider component for Salesforce Communities is a dynamic unit that can display multiple images on the page at a time. It can be used on the home page of your community to create a feel of motion and to engage your community visitors. Instead of sharing just one great shot, why not share all the colorful pictures you have?

Install Image Slider for free and show some beautiful stuff to your community members!