AC Resource Booking
Key Features
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Real time booking
and scheduling

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Highly Customisable

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Cancellation Period option

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Timezone Support

Find out how these key features can benefit your community every day

Get multi-purpose, easy-to-use Salesforce Appointment Booking Management.

  • Easily set availability and book any number of resources.
  • Track and manage all reservations in your database.
  • Online reservations available 24/7.
  • Generate resource utilisation reports.

AC Resource Booking provides even more benefits for your organisation:

  • Streamline operations and eliminate double reservations or loss of information.
  • Provide detailed information on each resource, including photos and characteristics.
  • Present any product or service group using Customisable Categories.
  • Flexible availability and booking time management.
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AC Resource Booking for Salesforce Experience Cloud (former Community Cloud) provides full information on your resource bookings, accepts online reservations, and optimises your expenses! Use your Salesforce Experience Cloud for managing rooms, devices and for booking appointments in one place. Enable your team to organise resources in the most effective way today!