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Salesforce Community Cloud Solutions for Industries

Salesforce Community Cloud Solutions for Industries

Salesforce solutions for industries developed by Advanced Communities help our customers to achieve a resounding success for their clients.

Through our knowledge, years of experience as certified Salesforce Community Cloud consultants and developed resources, we enable our customers to manage and benefit from the ever-increasing number of new Salesforce Community Cloud solutions.

Working across functions, industries and locations, we have helped customers from Technology, Non-Profit, Retail, Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals, Media, Manufacturing and many other industries.

Our product solutions

Today’s biggest challenge for industries is staying in touch with their customers and enhancing their customers’ experience. A lack of engagement poses a serious problem. While consumer expectations for digital engagement and self-service evolve and competition increases, it is more important than ever for companies and organisations to maximise the effectiveness of their interactions with their customers.

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  • High Tech / IT
    Having developed a decent experience working with leading in their field High Tech companies, Advanced Communities has created state-of-the-art components that help both enterprise-level and start-up companies harness innovation and ramp up product development.
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  • Non-Profit
    Advanced Communities has built a number of Community Cloud solutions that empower non-profit organisations to engage with their members, donors and volunteers, as well as to run their fundraising campaigns and other activities that generate the income they need.
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  • Higher Education
    The rising competition and user expectations of modern digital experience make it more and more complicated for institutions to attract and retain the best students, teachers and administrative personnel. Advanced Communities provides a range of innovative solutions to enable the institutions to help their students and empower their personnel.
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  • Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals
    Advanced Communities provides its deep knowledge and expertise to healthcare institutions and pharmaceutical companies in their increasingly complex product development and service provision. These solutions enable them to communicate effectively with patients thus resulting in improved patient outcomes and reduced costs.
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  • Retail and CPG
    Advanced Communities tools empower retail and consumer goods companies to drive engagement at every step of the buyer’s journey, demand forecasting and analytics, delivering a new level of personal customer service.
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  • Financial Services
    Technological development makes consumers increasingly more demanding in their interactions with financial institutions. Advanced Communities unlocks the power of Salesforce Community Cloud Solutions that can help financial institutions to strengthen customer relationships, boost product innovation and cross-selling efforts, and streamline continuous processes’ improvement.
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Having accomplished numerous Salesforce Community Cloud cases and solutions, Advanced Communities has developed a deep expertise and as a result it has launched three packages of solutions for Non-Profit, Higher Education and High Tech / IT industries, produced by our certified consultants in Salesforce.