Popular Features
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Support for Free and Paid Events

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Credit and Debit Card payments

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Community and guest users registrations

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Customisable dietary and event preferences form

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Outlook, Mac and Google Calendars Support

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Google maps integration

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Flexible pricing Early bird, premium tickets

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Email reminders

Discover smart new features of the innovative
Salesforce Event Management Module − AC Events.

AC Events Management – the most popular Salesforce events management app.

  • Guest Registration with google reCAPTCHA plugin provides functionality to generate new leads or contacts for guest users, while Google reCAPTCHA protects you from spambots.
  • Mobile friendly – accessible from any device.
  • Flexible Events Builder: add scheduled reminders, limit the max capacity and visibility of attendees, etc.
  • Stripe API integration provides secured payments.
  • Public, Private or Members only access – display events to community members, make them open to public or make them private accessible only to selected users.

NATIVE SALESFORCE APP works both on classic and Lightning interface.

  • Easy-to-Use – drag and drop community builder components.
  • Built-in Calendar component – now within your Salesforce Community Cloud you can monitor new events with AC Calendar component.
  • Event Zones functionality – separate different sets of events for different communities.
  • Timezone support – we show which timezone event is taking place which is useful if you have events in multiple timezones.
  • Emails: ready-made customisable templates, confirmation emails and reminders.

Events Component for Community Cloud by Advanced Communities is a great tool for your community that allows you to publish your events, training, webinars and engage with your customers, members and partners.
AC Event Management software provides your Salesforce Community Cloud with the essentials for publishing your events, training, webinars and engaging with your customers, members and partners. The recent software update has turned AC Events into the most ingenious Salesforce Events Management app for Community Cloud.

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