Success Story: Bond

Dear friends,

We love to share our clients’ success stories and show you what branded and multifunctional portal on the Experience Cloud platform we can create for different business needs.

This time, we’d like to introduce you to Bond, a UK-based network for international development organizations. Bond is the membership organization that strives to connect, support and strengthen dynamic networks as it becomes more and more difficult for charities and non-governmental organizations to achieve their missions during these hard times.

Bond logo

Bond was founded in 1993 with 61 members.  They unite over 400 organizations, ranging from small specialist charities to large international NGOs with a worldwide presence.

What was required

Bond turned to Advanced Communities with a bunch of requirements and requests to create a brand new Salesforce-powered community. The functionality they required to implement was:

  • Groups that can be created only internally, but shown on the site. They should also be synchronised with the internal  environment.
  • Page to post job vacancies, advertisements and provide payment process.
  • Partner Directory page for managing their partner relationships.
  • Ability to run Events and Trainings with the functionality of free and paid options, providing ‘Early Bird’ feature and different price packages depending on membership.

What we’ve done

The Advanced Communities team implemented the new Experience site and provided all the necessary functionality with our own solutions, complete with custom configurations. Here are the apps we’ve implemented in this project and the benefits they bring to the Bond site:

  • AC Events Enterprise. Now the Bond site has different pages of Events: Training and Events. All events are divided by visibility: some events are visible for everyone (including guests) and others are visible only for members. Since AC Events Enterprise has integration with Chatter, there are private Chatter groups where users can only see events related to their group.

Also, AC Events Enterprise provides a wide range of pricing options that the client requires:  Early Bird discounts, free and paid events.  In addition, Bond can set different pricing depending on users membership and members will see the price relevant only to them.

  • AC Job Board. With this component, Bond members can post job vacancies on the Experience site. In addition, a custom-developed My Jobs page includes a custom process for buying jobs. On this page, users can see Job ads packages and pricing, their purchased job ads, which they can choose and post from this page.
  • AC Partner Marketplace. This solution was used to create The Bond Directory – a  dedicated online space for businesses,  consultancies, higher education institutions and social enterprises working in the international development and humanitarian sectors. This functionality helps them to promote their services, solutions and highlight their areas of expertise.
Event detail page

As a  result,  now Bond successfully manages more than 4.000 users in their community which completely meets their goals and needs.  The community members can effectively communicate in private groups, follow and attend important events and training, buy and post jobs and share their partners in the community.

Event list page

The Advanced Communities team is always happy to provide you with the best services and help you to bring your ideas into reality. Contact us to ask your questions and discuss anything related to Salesforce and Experience Cloud.

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