Success Story: Healthgrades

Dear friends,

This time we want to introduce to you our latest client Healthgrades and to share with you the details of the project that we’ve done.

Healthgrades is the well-known US platform created to connect patients with providers so millions of people can find the doctor and hospital that matches their needs and get the appropriate help. 

They asked us to create a knowledge and support portal to use for Healthgrades Platform customers and employees. They wanted a Knowledgebase with multiple products documentation and with an intuitive design for customers to easily navigate and find what they want. They also asked us to differentiate the information visible to employees and the customers. 

To achieve this,  we implemented our AC Knowledge Management Enterprise component with multiple product support and customized it according to Healthgrades’ specific requirements. We also configured the AC Ideas Ultimate component developed by Advanced Communities to enable Healthgrades to collect valuable product feedback and new ideas from customers.

The next step was to create a custom design theme for the community in accordance with the Healthgrades design requirements. 

As a result, Advanced Communities delivered a new knowledge hub experience for the Healthgrades Platform with the ability for customers to independently browse in the community,  search for the information they need, communicate in groups and share ideas.

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