Success Story: Lewisham Local

In the last few months, we’ve done a lot of interesting projects with different companies.

This time we want to tell you about the project we’ve done for Lewisham Local.

Lewisham Local is a non-profit charity organisation based in South East London. Their mission is to connect local communities with volunteers for activities and events.

They wanted to create a community where people could present their accounts with information about themselves in a directory format as well as see volunteering opportunities with local organisations.

In order to involve all community members, all the members of the community needed to be able to create and manage events while some users with granted access would also be able to create volunteer opportunities that other users could see and apply to.

To achieve this, Advanced Communities donated several powerful custom made tools to meet all the requirements:

  • AC Job Board – to store and manage volunteer opportunities and applicants
  • AC Events Enterprise – to show all events, meetings, and other volunteer possibilities.
  • AC Partner Marketplace – to promote other organizations that also provide volunteer opportunities and contribute to common success.
  • AC Member Directory – to provide a space where users can see the volunteers and their role in the community activities.

As a result, Advanced Communities has provided an environment where volunteers can create and edit their personal accounts in a local directory format, find opportunities to help local people, and collaborate with local organizations through events and activities.

Local companies can recruit volunteers to get involved in the different projects and companies and volunteers can work together for the common good of the local community.

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