Success Story: Operation New Uniform

Services are a big part of our work, and we at Advanced Communities are always lucky to have clients with a powerful and important mission. The project we will tell you more about in this article isn’t an exception.

About Client

Operation New Uniform (ONU) has set itself the ambitious goal of helping all veterans transition to normal life after their service. So far, the initiative has been more than successful, with 97% of Veterans citing life improvements after participating in the program. In particular, ONU seeks to help Veterans develop a positive mindset and leverage their experience by providing the necessary resources.

What Was Needed

ONU was seeking to establish a portal for their volunteers to register for volunteer shifts, track their activity and collaborate with other volunteers. 

Besides, they wanted to have a separate site with  AC Events Enterprise so that all guest users could apply for an event (free or paid).

What We Have Done

Based on the Volunteers for Salesforce package, Advanced Communities has successfully implemented some standard and custom features to meet the customer’s needs: sign up for the volunteer shift, view jobs on the calendar, report volunteer hours, receive many email notifications with updates, and interact with other volunteers. Importantly, AC Events Enterprise was used to create and apply for events, both free and paid ones, which has dramatically simplified and improved the registration process. 

Benefits and Result

ONU volunteers have got access to the user-friendly and sleek portal where they can complete many organizational procedures, meanwhile, all the data from the portal is synchronized with the production org and accessible to ONU managers. A separate events site has simplified the event application process and offers a great user-friendly experience. As such, organizational processes have improved significantly.

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