Success Story: Wesleyan Church

Recently one of our client’s communities we’ve worked on went live, and we are so excited to share with you the details of this great project! Let’s get to know this client better!

About Client

Wesleyan Church is a US Protestant church working with vulnerable and exploited communities to help alleviate poverty, suffering, and injustice and continually providing substantive support to ongoing international relief and development efforts.

What Was Needed

The client wanted to launch a brand new successful Salesforce-powered online giving portal that would make it quick and easy for donors to donate to funds listed on the portal.

Wesleyan Church together with Global Partners required powerful functionality so that donors would be able to give by credit card and/or ACH/bank withdrawal, make one-time gifts, and/or set up automatically recurring donations (as well as receive notifications), give to more than one fund at once, view their giving history, download receipts. In addition, it was necessary to be able to manage recurring donations, their account details, and also their payment method.

Wesleyan Church community

What Advanced Communities Has Provided

The Advanced Communities team made a new modern and user-friendly design from scratch with a flawless user experience.

In order to give to more than one fund at once, the team improved the donation flow and created a reliable, secure Giving Cart (Shopping Cart) solution that allows accepting credit cards and ACH.

Donation flow on the community

Also, so that the donors could manage their giving history and recurring donations, we configured the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) out-of-the-box features with some customization.

The solution provided by Advanced Communities allows donors to make convenient, fast, and secure online contributions without any friction in the donation process. 


Fundraising is one of the most essential parts of nonprofit/charity/church work. With Salesforce NPSP and Experience Cloud Advanced Communities team managed to create a comprehensive donor portal that provides a modern and user-friendly interface for single, recurring donations and future faith pledges too.

We are always happy to support such initiatives and put all our expertise to help! Our professional team can answer all your questions about Salesforce Experience Cloud and help to bring your ideas into a reality.

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